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Yellow browed Warblers

After a patient wait the other week a shouty Yellow browed Warbler came into the near side of the apple tree at Burnham Overy. A rather quieter bird at Salthouse was equally elusive but in surprisingly little cover. It seemed to frequently employ a cloak of invisibility.


2014 09 17 Yellow browed Warbler Burnham Overy Norfolk_Z5A4001

2014 09 19 Yellow browed Warbler Salthouse Norfolk_Z5A4524a

Notice the long supercillium and the prominent median crown stripe on the lower Salthouse bird. Not completely out of kilter with what you would expect for a yellow browed …but still something that made me look twice!

It’s shaping up into a very good Autumn!



Why developing a thirst can be a good thing

Occasionally there are irruptions of species, particularly birds, out of their normal range.

At the end of last month Two barred Crossbills (a sort of Crossbill with insignias) started to occur in small numbers on the east coast between Shetland and Kent. Norfolk had its fair share. Initially to see birds it was about being in the right place at the right time but as birds moved away from the coast into more Crossbill friendly habitat they became a tad easier to see.

One juvenile bird took up temporary residence with its Crossbill cousins on Kelling Heath. A hastily conjured drinking puddle gave a centre for attention as the bird called occasionally, and I do mean occasionally, for water. It took a couple of visits but we managed to get a record shot in the few seconds it took for bird to quench its thirst.

Two barred Crossbill


Waiting Patiently

My guests had never been to the Scillies before and they were keen to see the various islands as well as the various birds we could find. They all liked St Martin’s and found it quite ‘wild’ compared with St Mary’s where we were staying. After climbing the road from the quay we stood patiently aside a small garden where the ivy was heavy with pollen so much so the garden was buzzing with insects. We waited patiently for a Bonelli’s Warbler that had been seen frequenting the garden. We waited around an hour before it showed … but my word did it show. I’ve seen several of these quite charming warblers in the UK and many more abroad on the continent but never have I seen one so well and for such a prolonged time.

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