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I’m not sure if the term ‘elusive’ is always applied properly or not. On Scillies last week the Spotted Crake took some seeing. It was broadcast as ‘elusive’. Now does that mean only showing distantly? or does it mean it only shows briefly and is somewhat furtive? Well, neither applied to the Spotted Crake. It just didn’t show for long periods. It took us around four visits to connect. But when we did see it … the thing was all over us for what seemed like ages.


Spot on


I was beginning to get that jaundice feeling on Monday. Too many hours on the laptop. I needed to get out and take a few pictures. I made Tuesday an official day to myself.

Titchwell looked good; it had a Spotted Crake and a Long tailed Skua around. I had another call to make on the way and arrived during the warm afternoon.

The Crake had not been seen all day and the Skua had disappeared early morning … typical.

There were folks in the hide that had been there for hours that were giving up on the ghost of the crake. I was a little disappointed for them as no sooner had they left than the Crake ran out from the reedbed and did all but a song and dance act out in the open; in fact everything a crepuscular Crake is not supposed to do. I took some rather distant shots as it came and went a few times and then moved on.

There were other things around; some nice Wood Sands and an absolute cutlery drawer full of Spoonbills but I decided to walk to Thornham Point. Mainly because I hadn’t been there for years and secondly that’s where the Skua was last seen.

I met and talked with a few others but all that was seen were a few distant Arctic Skuas and a bevy of shorebirds. It was a long way carrying a tripod and heavy lens but I so enjoyed the walk.


Spotted Crake

2014 07 29 Thornham Point looking east Norfolk!cid_80A688F8-AC6D-42EA-B900-5E5E0EA6D6DF

Any twitchers here? – I don’t think so!

2014 07 29 Thornham Point looking west Norfolk!cid_8F800B4F-FC3D-4F3C-81EA-12D17E783665


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