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Geese and Goosanders

Our ‘Winter Geese’ tour to the Solway last month once again was enjoyed by all. As well as the usual Green winged Teal that seem to arrive each year we also turned up a Snow Goose among the Barnacles. Some inclement weather didn’t stop us from having a great time and the hotel where we stayed was just magnificent. Next year the tour to the Solway will be geared favourably for the photographer. The ‘Geese and Goosander Tour’ for 2017 is now open for bookings See details here Itinerary – Solway Geese & Goosanders 2017.

Goosander 2

Barnacle Goose


Spotty Eggs

Steve is a very unassuming chap; full of humility. He was a guest on our recent trip to the Solway for the winter geese tour.

Now, I know that Steve would never describe himself as an expert … but he is. Every Sunday he dedicates himself to walking the beach at Snettisham, finding and then recording all the different species of Ray, Skate and Shark egg cases he can find. Take a look at the distribution maps on the Shark Trust website and you’ll see the cluster of records around Snettisham.

On one of our morning walks on the Solway last weekend, along the beach in front of our hotel, he picked up several egg cases of Small spotted Catshark (Scyliorhinus canicula). He was delighted to find these as they are infrequently found around Norfolk’s coast. Citizen science at its very best.

Small Spotted Catshark


The Birds of the Solway

Next Februarys’ Solway Winter Geese Tour is now open for bookings. See the link at

What we all loved on this year’s tour was the sheer number of Barnacle Geese we encountered. We came across a random flock in a roadside field. Regrettably even though we were still quite distant when we pulled up they became very wary and took flight despite us remaining in the vehicle. The noise alone was an experience but the sight of so many in the air at once was just breath-taking. Throughout the day we estimated we had seen between 8 and 10 thousand Barnacles.

Of course as with any of our trips it’s just not about one species or location there are many other species we encounter too. One thing I particularly like to see is Tree Sparrow. Although we can still find them in Norfolk rarely do they show as well as one place we visited.

Barnacle Geese Tree Sparrow

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