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Fancy a Shag

Well if nothing else the title to this blog should ensure it gets a lot of hits!

This Shag was resting between bouts of fishing at Sheringham on the Norfolk coast the other week … the 7th March actually. He, or is it she, was sporting some jewellry. A nicely marked colour ring on the right leg and a BTO ring on the left leg. The ‘BTT’ code of white on green lettering could be clearly seen; the lettering on the BTO ring was less distinguishable.

I guessed it would have been ringed on the Isle of May off the east coast of Scotland and indeed it was. Details sent off to the ringer, Mark, brought about a swift response.  He tells me it was ringed as a chick (BTO ring: 1493017 ) on the Isle of May, Fife on 19/6/17 as one of a brood of three. He also tells me  BTT was still on the isle when he last went out on 20th February but since the extreme weather a lot of the shags have disappeared.

I’m resisting the temptation to make any comments about shags in the snow!


Photo diva

It’s unusual to see Shags in Norfolk but we do get a few each winter. They come down the coast from places like the Farnes to spend the colder months with us. It’s even more unusual to get one in Norfolk. that’s approachable Normally they don’t like the company of anyone let alone someone poking a camera in its face. This one was lounging in the harbour at Wells and was doing a bit of a diva.and coming close to me.




The Love of a mother

Anyone that has the love of their mother is lucky. They have something they should treasure. However sometimes we can all take things for granted. I remember as a teenager my tea coming to me on a tray as I watched TV. When I’d finished the tray disappeared and more often than not without the true thanks it deserved.
Last month during our East Coast Birding Tour this young Shag on Inner Farne was complaining and moaning no matter how much food his mother gave him. So ugly he’s almost cute this youngster perhaps has a face only a mother could love!

Shag Chick


Wrapped in a cloak of Satin

Shags seem to be quite easy to find here this winter. We came across one individual while out photographing earlier this week. When we started taking shots the Shag was quite distant but gradually it came closer and closer until it gave us frame filling photos. Ok not so unusual in breeding colonies on the Farne islands or in Scotland but quite scarce in our part of the world.

I like these birds. From a distance they look very innocuous; not gaudy or showy, very much the plain Jane. When you get close it becomes overwhelmingly apparent they are quite spectacular. The subtle metallic green hues, the emerald shining eye, the curly crest feathers and the bird is wrapped in a cloak of satin plates. We agreed between us this one bird alone made our day.


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