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As darkness falls

The park was busy on Sunday. Dog walkers, screaming kids, joggers and cyclists. I was beginning to wonder why I’d brought the camera. As dusk approached it started to quieten; a little at first but I soon found myself alone. I walked away from the path and stood under one of the big oaks. I was reminded of the first line of a poem – “I sat beneath a tree … and it surrounded me” – for the life of me I couldn’t remember any more. My thoughts were immersed in trying to recall where I’d heard it; so immersed I didn’t notice I wasn’t alone.

A Roe Deer walked right passed me; within a few metres. I gave a sharp intake of breath and held it, so as not to disturb my new friend. I dare not move. If I raised the camera she would be gone, As she started to graze and muzzle the ground I had the chance to slowly lift the lens. It was now quite dark and I could almost hear the camera groaning to gather enough light. Operating at the thin end of capability I managed to get a few shots before she moved slowly away and I was left just with the darkness.




None the Wiser

Through a thin veil of increasing cloud the sun gave a little brightness to what was otherwise a grey day. Our eyes down, distracted by the muddy conditions underfoot, we almost missed them. Only a movement gave them away. A Roe Deer took shape among the brambles, reeds and long grass, then another, and then another. The two does and a buck despite being very aware were seemingly fearless. It was only when a dog walker came along they took flight heading deeper into cover. If you didn’t know they were there you would be none the wiser.

Roe Deer


Leaping out of place

Walking along the dunes last week we encountered a young chap who was quite out of place.

Before he saw us this young buck Roe deer was thinking about making the leap over a barbed wire fence. Had he managed to do so successfully and continued his run he would have ended up on the beach!

Not your typical Roe deer habitat.

Roe Deer

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Jun 2023


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