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Buzzed by a Raptor in California


As we drove the 20 odd miles out to Point Reyes Lighthouse we were looking carefully for Bobcats. We didn’t see any; however, the car was buzzed by a raptor.

I braked and parked. It was a Northern Harrier, a male too! I reached for my camera and the bird promptly disappeared around the headland. We waited a while. He was hunting and all animals are creatures of habit; I thought it might just come back.

It did! After only five minutes we watched it return around the headland carrying something. It had obviously caught prey. At that instant I thought that’s it we will now have a flypast as it takes the prey away, and that’s the last we’ll see of it.

However he was flying directly towards us. It came closer and to my amazement pitched down in front of us and proceeded to devour its catch in full view… and … get this … I was ready with the camera.


Northern Harrier


The Black Heron

I don’t do reviews of accommodation… but … if you’re going to California birding you would do a lot worse than calling in to see Bill and Marmie at the Black Heron.

Situated close to Point Reyes Station it’s well placed for migration. A bed and breakfast American style the Black Heron sits in its own grounds surrounded by prime ranching ground. From the five species of Woodpecker to the Californian Towees and the ever present American Robins and Wild Turkeys on the front field to the colony of Black crowned Night Herons at the end of the drive and the Hooded Mergansers on the pond it really is a place to spend a few days. Just a stone’s throw from nesting Snowy Plovers, a colony of Steller’s Sea Lions, Elephant Seals, Guaranteed Tule Elk and migrating Grey Whales and you have a place made in heaven.

Black crowned Night Heron

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