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A miss was a hit

Missing something by just minutes is always pretty galling. Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers had been seen shortly before we got to the site. By the time we got there I could hear nothing of them. Just the distant drumming of a Greater Spotted. However; there was consolation .

Lesser spot would have been the golden ribbon around a suite of Breckland birds on the ‘Breckland Birding Day’ a week or so ago. Some beautiful singing Woodlarks, best ever sightings of displaying Goshawk, crest raising Firecrests, a flock of leaf litter tossing Hawfinch, more Brambling than you could shake a hairy stick at and some of the reddest male Crossbills you have seen in your life! Throw in a bold Water Rail with black faced Siskins and a small flock of Marsh Tits and we had a day that was memorable.

For me however the thing that topped the lot were the two Otters feeding beside us as we waited for the Lesser Spots… beautiful.


It could get ‘otter

On a Suffolk/Norfolk border tour last week we stumbled across an Otter in the river at Santon Downham. It was completely aware we were there of course but carried on with its fishing regardless. Enigmatic gorgeous creatures Otters!


“Don’t tell him Pike”

Those of you that live in the UK, are of a certain age and in the ‘know’ will understand the above title.

Fish aren’t often the subject of a posting on Letter from Norfolk. A beast we saw the other day however demanded a slot. An Otter length Pike was being fished from the river by its captor. Taken away into a dark place to eat in private this was no doubt a hearty meal.

As usual click to enlarge.

Pike with Otter



A little indulgence took me back again the other week to photograph the otters that have been showing well in South Norfolk.

There’s something quite magical about these creatures. These four individuals have become habituated to the presence of passers-by and routinely appear during daylight hours. This is completely at odds with the normal habits of a nocturnal mammal. Below is a selection of shots I thought you may like. In due course some of these will appear on the Wildcatch site.

Otter 1. Otter 2. Otter 3. Otter 4. Otter 5. Otter 6. Otter 7. Otter 8. Otter 9. Otter 10.


Too close to ignore

There are only so many times you can be told something before you are obliged to do what you are asked.

Before I went to Tenerife three people sent me e-mails saying I really should go to south Norfolk to see a family of Otters that had seemingly lost all inhibition and were showing very well. Upon my return I attended a meeting at which a very good photographer said if I had not been I should visit the Otters. At that point I thought to myself I ought to go and see these Otters. I’m glad I did.

Walking down the river bank the sun was intermittently exchanging places with snow clouds; warm then cold. Greetings of ‘You should have been here half an hour ago’ weren’t encouraging but we stood our ground and the Otters eventually showed. Showed? … that’s an understatement really. The Otters ‘invaded’ would be more appropriate. Three animal swam up the river, left the water and were around my feet. Too close for focus. Too much lens! Then they were gone. Enigmatic and transient they left as quickly as they arrived; but not before they offered a shot or two.


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