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Charming Choughs and Delightful Dolphins

As one of my guests put it this weekend: “Charming Choughs and Delightful Dolphins”. She was referring to the Wild Weekend in Wales tour we were on. We got to see both Choughs and Bottlenose Dolphins. Among everything else we saw for me it has to be the Red Kites that topped the list. They are so enigmatic and powerful. To see 250+ of these birds wheeling in a kettle above us is just one of the UK’s wildlife spectacles. Next year’s tour is up on the website and open for bookings.


Roll on 2013

I guess it’s time to contemplate and review; to look back, to look forward. The end of one year and the start of another; the fulfilment of some dreams and the formation of others.

So what was the best moment of 2012 for me? Lots of moments to choose from. The four trips to Scotland, the tour to the Farne Islands in Northumberland, the North Sea Pelagic and the trip to the Isles of Scilly all rank highly. The destinations, the birds, the wildlife and the company all made for memorable times. Many of the day tours here in Norfolk had sightings that would rank highly, perhaps some to top all others like the great fall of thrushes in October … that would surely be top … and it would have been had Canada not been on the agenda. The trip across the Atlantic was truly memorable.

The four hours plus we spent on a zodiac skipping across the St Lawrence River was an occasion that is burnt into my memory. This was an indelible experience that saw us seeing no less than fifty individual cetaceans of six species. Unforgettable.

However, the moose a few days later topped the whole show. The silence of the forest, the quickening heartbeats and the appearance of a shadow among the trees that manifested into a larger than life male made for the realisation of a childhood dream. The pent up expectation, the relief of eventually having such a sighting after a long wait and sharing this experience with Sharon was nothing short of emotional; perhaps one of the best experiences of my life.

So what of 2013 – aside from the usual tours Sharon and I have a fortnight on Mull planned. I want to spend time photographing Corncrake. There may also be a trip south to see and photograph Pilot Whales.

Wherever we go it is no doubt the Norfolk day tours that will play the biggest part in our agenda. I wonder what we’ll see during the coming year … whatever it may be I have no doubt I’ll be watching with open eyed child like amazement. You see, every day … for me … is Christmas day.

Happy New Year.



Sting in the tail?

A small insect made itself known to me the other day. The Scorpion Fly is more benign than it first appears. The curled tail is all bluff. It feeds on dead and dying insects including ones it robs from spider’s webs.

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