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Barnie’s Back

With one thing and another I seem to have been constantly on the phone of late. Bookings for hotels, bookings for tours etc … etc

It’s strange isn’t it, when I’m on the mobile I tend to stand up and I have a habit of walking around for no apparent reason. Maybe it helps me think. Anyways, I was ambling from foot to foot in the dining room here at Falcon Cottage the other day deep in a conversation when something moved at the top of the garden. It was dusk so light wasn’t good. I tried to ignore it for the sake of fluency but I couldn’t. The call ended and I was able to grab my camera to get a shot of this little beauty sat on the back fence. A bit grainy given the low winter evening light but still nice to see.

Six species of owl have graced the garden since Sharon and I have been here. We only need Snowy to complete the list … The sixth? Oh! That’s Teet Owl … plenty of those in the kitchen. ;0)

Barn  Owl


Pinkfeet in the Mist

The sun never really appeared yesterday. When I awoke the air was cold and full of mist. A fog had enveloped the hill during the night and although the morning was late it was still not as light as it should have been. I was doing a few jobs in the garden; jobs I should have done in the autumn but it has been so wet since November.

I’m used to the sound of Pinkfeet over Falcon Cottage; although it still makes me stop what I’m doing and look up. It took a while to pick them out in the greyness but as the sound got louder the typical V formation appeared suddenly overhead.

What normally happens is the sound gets louder and then disappears into the distance as they move on; not so today. As I continued with my chores the sound waxed and waned but never went away. The Geese were circling. They were lost in the fog. The mist had disorientated them and they didn’t know where they were. This continued for nearly half an hour until I heard another flock coming in from the west. The first flock quickly joined these and all went away to the east. No doubt to find good grazing on the broads.

Pinkfooted Geese

Pinkfooted Geese 1

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