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Walking from a melody of Blackcaps staccatoed with Chiffchaff and soft Bullfinch wheezes, the song changed to enticing Woodlarks and grating Dartfords.

There was still a chill in the air on the coast with just the hint of a sea fret. Further inland the temperature was ten degrees higher. Here on the heath it smelt of honeysuckle and gorse. A sort of sweet coconut heady mix. The purple drifts of heather were eye catching.

It didn’t take me long to find the first Silver Studded Blue Butterfly. Then another … and another. Despite the low cloud the sun was fighting to break through. Each time it did butterflies rose from the heather. All, apart from a hasty passing Painted lady, were Silver Studs.

Photographing these beauties is never easy. They stay low. Scrambling about on all fours our legs were soon scratched and bleeding from the piercing gorse. Why did I wear shorts? As we watched them perch on the purple flowers of the heather they stroked their hind wings against one another; as if rubbing their hands at finding such a wonderful source of nectar.


Shades of red

Much needed rain fell during last Sunday’s tour. As we walked down the riverbank there was a break in the clouds and the sun broke through for a while at least.

A flash of turquoise and an orange breast bobbed atop a branch overhanging the water. A kingfisher delighted us as it beat the life from a minnow before swallowing it head first. Then above us the song of a Willow Warbler rang out. A Willow Warbler would you believe. Not what I expected to hear on a tour in mid March; in a few weeks time maybe, but not in mid March. A red letter day indeed. As we moved around the tree to see the perpetrator of this early rendition I almost trod on something half hidden in the leaf litter. It was something colourful; something bright and quite at odds with the greyness of the day. As I looked closer it was a fungus. Scarlet Elf’s Cup is not a common species with a limited range. Just a moment within a day that saw us marvelling at a whole host of Breckland species.

Rain, what rain?

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Jan 2023


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