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Southern Scotland

Over the past few years we’ve been doing tours to see the geese and wild swans of southern Scotland during February. The long weekend tour has been successful. We would normally set off on a Friday and return here to Norfolk on the Sunday. It seems such a shame to get to the area and miss out on some prime birding so in 2019 we will be setting off on Thursday (28th February) and returning on the Monday (4th March) giving us ample time to soak in the avian delights of the area.

I have two places left Full details in an itinerary here

This is an ideal tour for photographers and birders alike. If you have any questions give me a call.


Where do you wander?

Among the Brents on the Norfolk north coast again this year is a dark moody mantled bird with pale flanks and a dark belly extending well back between the legs. Coupled with the wide full neck ring it means we have a Black Brant. Because this bird is with Dark bellied Brents which come from Siberia the Brant probably came from the eastern Siberia breeding population rather than the Canadian population.

Black Brant



You would think it would stand out like a new shilling in a sweeps … well … pocket; but it didn’t. An all white goose among the many grey geese in North Norfolk this year should have been easier to locate. No matter where we searched for the Lesser Snow Goose floating around Norfolk among the 10,000 or so Pink footed Geese it just didn’t materialise. We played hide and seek for hours and couldn’t find it no matter how hard we tried.

The search starts with harvested sugar beet fields. The geese just love the sweet taste of those sugar beet tops. When we found a good field and then returned to it the following week we discovered it had been ploughed. Tut. However a tip off (thank you Pete) that it had been around Egmere in mid Norfolk saw us giving it a go. Sighting skeins of Pinks  in the distance and watching them land we soon found the flock and there … eventually … at the back of the field was the white goose we’d been seeking.

I’d only just crept around the back of the car to get the camera out and the geese were flushed by the farmer. Double Tut. I managed to get a few flight shots but would have liked for us to see it for longer. No matter how many more fields we looked in we just couldn’t relocate it. I suppose we’ll cross paths again as it will probably be around all winter. Who knows it may even fly over Falcon Cottage at some point … plenty of Pinkfeet do!

2014 12 12 Snow Goose Egmere Norfolk_Z5A5641

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