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Just a few of the beautiful butterflies we saw on the Cumbria Butterfly Tour this month. Next years tour is available for booking here

Common Blue, Dark Green Fritillary, Grayling, High Brown Fritillary, Large White, Northern Brown Argus, Small Heath, Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary.



When we went to the Isle of Wight last week we looked for Glanville’s Fritillary. It’s a butterfly that neither I, nor of course Tani, had seen before. It took us quite a while to find our first. Numbers were not in the realm of those conjured up in my imagination by others. Perhaps they are having a subdued year.

We did the Essex Tour this week to see Heath Fritillary. In the books it appears some consider the Glanville’s and the Heath Fritillary easily confused. I’m not too sure about that but take a look at this composite photo I’ve put together and tell me what you think. I think those dark spots towards the rear of the hindwing on the Glanville’s are quite distinct.


Adonis in the rain

It’s no coincidence that probably the most stunning butterfly we have in the UK carries the name of the god of desire and beauty.

We were once again up against it with the weather. This time in our search for Adonis Blue Butterflies. A gun metal grey sky and occasional drizzle didn’t put us off taking a small group to Hertfordshire on Saturday. The day was brightened considerably by us finding about 20 males and a few females of this metallic blue beauty.

Here’s Tania showing off the finer points of a male Adonis Blue which took to her hand for the warmth. Even the underside of the wings on this creature go above expectations.


A little skip

I’m not sure what species of seaweed or pine cone the BBC are using for forecasting these days but I’ll give them some information for free … it’s not working. When the weather app says sunny all day for several days in advance and with 12 hours to go they change it to cloud with rain something ain’t right. The clue is in the name. It’s supposed to be a ‘fore-cast‘.

Anyways, it’s sufficient to say finding butterflies on the Silver Spotted Skipper day in Buckinghamshire wasn’t as easy as it could have been on Thursday. However, even with the drizzle, even with the cloud and even in the rain we managed to find 18 species of butterfly on one south facing slope. Included in the list were some dazzling Adonis Blues and of course a couple of Silver Spotted Skippers.


A few More

A few more butterflies from the last couple of weeks.

Silver Washed Fritillary
Dark Green Fritillary
Gate Keeper showing some additional spotting and a blemish on the left wing
Wall Brown
Small Copper showing unusually long ‘tails’ on the hind-wing – tails are not unusual on males of second broods but these are quite long.

A butterfly fest

This last weekend saw us firstly taking a group to Gloucestershire on Saturday to see a formerly extinct British butterfly; the Large Blue. An insect inscribed in India ink. A unique upperwing among our blue butterflies makes this insect quite unmistakable. They took a little finding in cloudy weather but as soon as the sun sent a shaft of light our way several showed well.

On Sunday we had no such difficulty with a different group in finding Purple Emperors. In fact they found us. Guest Emma even took to wearing one as a hair slide! This large vibrant butterfly is difficult to find in some years … not so at the weekend. We saw around a dozen and each one was ‘just out of the box’ perfect.

If you would like to join us for another butterfly day around Norfolk this coming Saturday 17th July when we’ll be searching for hairstreaks and fritillaries see the following link and let me know.


On the wing

A walk along the coast this week produced a smattering of butterflies where the sun lit up sheltered spots. We came across eight species in all. The most common by far were the Painted Ladies. These migrants leapfrogging their way north from the Nile Valley in Egypt were mostly travelling at some speed; but one or two took breath to give a chance of a photo.


First flight

My first Speckled Wood of the year last week … fresh out of the box.


Climbing the Wall

On yesterday’s bespoke Butterfly Tour we saw 21 species; among them about five Wall Browns put in an appearance. Here’s one of them.


Woodman’s Follower

A trip a little further South as we spread our wings after lockdown was an opportunity to see a few different things, We started with some wonderful Heath Fritillaries. Nice small dark butterflies these with a stained glass window for an underwing and, for once with these scarcer butterflies, a low level flight. No craning of the neck with these jobbies. They were easy to find as they searched out their host plant; Cow Wheat. It’s love for coppiced areas gave it the name ‘Woodman’s follower’. This little speciality is on the agenda for next years tours.


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