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beating the blues

Coming back from a bird filled holiday is never easy; even if you do have a to-die-for job. I wasn’t helped by the relentless cascade of news, comments and photos relating to a Bluethroat just inside the Lincolnshire border. The fact it was a male and quite fearless gave me itchy feet. So on Wednesday I jumped in the car to scratch the itch and went to see the little chap. I wasn’t disappointed.

bluethroat-red-spotted-_z5a9698 bluethroat-red-spotted_z5a9948




A couple of years ago when we went to Canada, I had a conversation with a local Acadian birder. When he knew where we were from he asked if I had seen the White Crowned Sparrow at Cley-next-the-Sea some four or more years earlier.

When the Sparrow, a native of North America, arrived in North Norfolk in January 2008 it stayed for a while in gardens close to the church and lots of people came to see it; after all it was only the fifth time the species had been seen in Britain. Every visitor threw a coin or two in a bucket that was put towards the restoration of the stained glass north window in the church. In commemoration of the tiny avian provider a small panel within the window was given over to an image of the sparrow. It was this story to which the Canadian birder referred. Good acts of generosity have a wide audience.

A week or so ago I found myself on the green in front of the Three Swallows Pub … almost next door to Cley church. I called in and took a photograph or two of the now famed window. Whilst there I also saw the window in the east transect. This much earlier window details St Francis of Assisi surrounded by birds. I could see waders, Egrets, Herons, Owls and Wagtails among others. At his feet stands a Bluethroat; testament perhaps to the areas continued association with rare and migrant birds.

The Window

2014 01 14 Cley Church Window Cley next the Sea Norfolk_Z5A5753

The Original

White Crowned Sparrow IMG_3804

The other window

2014 01 14 Cley Church Window Cley next the Sea Norfolk_Z5A5755

2014 01 14 Cley Church Window Cley next the Sea Norfolk_Z5A5773

2014 01 14 Cley Church Window Cley next the Sea Norfolk_Z5A5777

2014 01 14 Cley Church Window Cley next the Sea Norfolk_Z5A5778

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