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Flutterers and Skimmers

At the end of last week a walk amid the reed beds gave us a few chance encounters with a few evasive Norfolk Hawkers. It was the guilt framed female Black tailed Skimmers however that wanted to play ball.

Black tailed Skimmer (female)


On Golden Pond

It seems an age ago but the picture window at Falcon Cottage was only put in during March. In April we dug the pond in front of it. Almost immediately, the same day it was filled in fact, it was found by Pond Skaters – how does a small insect like that know the pond is there?
At the beginning of July we had our first Dragonfly; a Broad Bodied Chaser. All fresh and new and golden; a beautiful female. She disappeared and was replaced by a male two days later who held territory. Last week he was in company with Black tailed Skimmers and Azure Damselflies all egg laying amid the new water plants and not to be outdone his mate returned and they coupled in the air and she too started to egg lay.
This is just one small pond amid a desert of cereal fields – how do they find such an isolated habitat? How does something as seemingly insignificant and crude as an insect find its habitat? The light reflected from water is polarised maybe the insects can see polarised light from a distance in a different way? I guess we’ll never know for sure … it’s just another of Mother Nature’s wonders.

Falcon Cottage way back in April

Falcon Cottage April

Falcon Cottage in July

Falcon Cottage July

The Picture window and developing pond

Falcon Cottage July 2

The first tenants – Pond Skaters

Pond Skater

The female Broad bodied Chaser – but how did she find the pond?

Broad Bodied Chaser newly emerged

… and the male two days later

Broad Bodied Chaser 2 days later

… and when he found his mate

Broad Bodied Chasers

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