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Breckland Round-up

Although I only advertised one trip to Breckland this month, I ended up doing several due to demand.

I thought I’d give a bit of a round-up for all my customers.

Some of the classics gave excellent views; Goshawk were not difficult at all again this year and Woodlark could often be heard singing before we left the car! Lesser spotted Woodpecker were more difficult – unusually when we saw them they were silent and when we could hear them they were so far in dense woodland we couldn’t see them. Firecrests were there but not yet as active as they can be. Hawfinch didn’t show on all occassions and were in relatively small numbers compared with last year. I wonder why that is when numbers are seemingly everywhere else in the county after a continental influx. Crossbills are in short supply but again we did see them although they are a very nomadic species. A bonus this year is of course was the Parrot Crossbill flock that has been floating around Santon Downham. Starling murmurations were at their peak last week – I couldn’t be sure but I reckon on Sunday last we watched close to 500,000 birds coming in to roost right at the side of us. The sight, sound … and smell of them will live long in the memory. All good value birds with a few Otters, Hares, Roe Deer and Reeve’s Muntjac all putting in an appearance. Rabbit numbers seem to have decreased everywhere of late. RHD2, the new viral strain from the continent, has obviously taken a hold. I do hope this does not have an effect on the Stone Curlew population which thrive on the rabbit grazed short swards of our heaths.

Anyways, all that aside, I thought I’d show another photo of the Parrot Crossbills … just because I like them so much!

Next years tour to Breckland is already on the website – Book Early!


Having a gander

A trip into Suffolk to see a pair of obliging Goosanders turned into a trip to Suffolk to see a pair of un-obliging Goosanders. Still, when they did show they were, as they always are, majestic birds; although I reckon one of them was telling a yarn about the size of fish she’d caught.


Goosander 2



The Welsh Dragons

Our Wild Weekend in Wales last weekend saw us photographing Red Kites and Bottlenose Dolphins in Wales. Don’t you just love these birds. The photo below is not a composite … just happened like this!

Red Kite




Gone a fishin’

We were watching the loch unaware someone else was too.

On the recent trip to Scotland as we scanned the large area of water in front of us a large raptor came into view to our left. It was the unmistakable shape of an Osprey. As we all watched it glide effortlessly along the shoreline above us it hovered … then stooped. We didn’t see it hit the water, the nearside of the loch was hidden to us. We waited. It wasn’t long before she appeared shaking and re-orientating the large trout in her talons. There then ensued a mild panic as we all scrambled for our cameras.Osprey_Z5A4620


April 2015 – Birders Long Weekend to Scotland


Price and dates are now on the website at

If you would like to discuss the trip or would like to reserve your place please contact me by mail or give me a call – the email address and all the numbers are on the website.

This is a great  trip for photographers. I look forward to hearing from you.


Ptarmigan Cairngorm Scotland



Little about

As I sat down in the hide at Cley this week someone said to me with a downward inflection “Little About!” I’m not sure where they were looking.

There were Swifts working their way west, fields full of Wheatears and Hirundines resting on every wire and fence. Common Sandpipers were skimming the scrape and ruff were parading in their summer dress. Migration was happening big time. Patrolling the edge of the marsh, stalling and dipping to the surface of the water was a Little Gull. This, the world’s smallest gull, was yet to achieve his first summer finery but distinctive with his black underwing.

Actually I guess there was … a Little about.


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