Lockdown and Underpants

A short walk from the house is all we are now allowed. Observed by many, but on our daily walk to the sea and back sadly it is still being ignored by some who drive to the car park at West Runton. A necessary journey? I think not. If we all drove to our favourite place of exercise the petrol stations would be busier increasing contagion incidence. Anyways I’m sure you’ve heard enough about the CV.

On our walk the other day a Dunnock hopped up in front of us. This small common bird with its velvet grey underparts was so close we could have touched it. It sang with such gusto and volume it froze the both of us. Just for a second I was instantly transported back 18 or so years to when my daughter was learning to read. I was driving home to Suffolk from Birmingham after a long day at the office. I never seemed to arrive home before little Holly was tucked up in bed so we had a daily half hour on the hands free as I was driving home. Her favorite pastime was to test her dad by reading out the descriptions in her bird book; and I had to guess the species. The description of Dunnock sticks in my mind. I was reliably told it was a small brown backed bird with grey underpants! From the mouth of babes.

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