No Picnic at Hanging Rock

Imagine a winter’s day on the Norfolk coast with a sticky drizzle and a treetop swaying wind. That’s what it was like at Hanging Rock here in Victoria.

Back in Australia again for a while.

I know of one couple who moved to Victoria from the UK. They moved again within a year to Queensland; they thought the weather in Victoria far too much like Britain. I guess that story struck a chord when Tania and I visited Hanging Rock a week or so ago. We sat in the cafe for a while but it was warmer outside in the rain. I was bloody cold. It was no picnic that’s for sure. Maybe I shouldn’t have packed so many pairs of shorts!!

Hanging Rock has become very popular since Joan Lindsey wrote her book. It has now been greatly ‘touristified’ with parking for many hundreds and tarmac tracks to the rock itself; although it’s still possible to find a few wild places. Eastern Grey Kangaroos were easy to find and the big Eucalypts had Australian Wood Ducks perched up on the big ‘Widow-making’ branches. The whole rock and surrounding area was inhabited by numerous flocks of White Browed Scrubwrens. Such a variable bird this; several races cover the southern edge of the continent – each with its own slight variation.

The ones here were of the race ‘frontalis


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