Looking Here Looking There

Last month Tania and I went to the Blue Mountains for a long weekend. We wanted to see King Parrots and Rock Warblers. Rock Warbler is the only New South Wales Endemic. It is the only bird to occur nowhere else but in the state of NSW.

The weather wasn’t the best but the landscapes are to die for. Lots of deep wooded valleys and precipitous rock escarpments in some big wild horizons.

For Rock Warbler we traversed several deep and steep trails into and out of thick rain forest to see the little red breasted devil; with no joy. We walked miles. It was only on our penultimate day than we found two hanging around the area where we’d parked the bloody car! … and just to rub it in they were all over us like a cheap suit. Typical.

King Parrot proved much more elusive however and we were eventually beaten by the weather with some persistent rain. Still … something to go back for!

2 Responses to “Looking Here Looking There”

  1. 1 rossrattyscouk
    Apr 16, 2019 at 8:40 pm

    Pretty bird there!
    Rock Warbler’s not bad either [😜]

    Saw some good birds skiing last week in French Alps – snow finch, crested tit, redpoll, chough, golden eagle, ring ousel, crossbill, coal tit, black redstart, white and grey wagtails, etc and unidentified hawk {mobbing eagle – I thought short toed eagle, Carol thought Goshawk!!} and woodpecker {prob great spotted}.

    On way to & back from NZ, stopped over in Kuala Lumpur, found two good local guides, saw lots of nice birds, as well as gibbons.

    Hope all good with you both, I see you still have big grin!!
    Best wishes

    Ross Haddow
    19 Lamb Close
    NG24 4RT
    01636 681581
    07850 554833

    • Apr 16, 2019 at 11:13 pm

      Absolutely she is – the best at putting a grin on my face anyways! Always difficult to id raptors on the continent.; there are so many to choose from. A photograph is the best option – you can then study it at leisure!

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