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A superb bird

My continuing intense stare towards the undergrowth was broken by a whisper. Tania signalled she’d got one. There was an even bigger smile on her face than normal.

In January we had wandered around the Danenong Ranges for hours searching for Lyrebirds, without success. It looked as though we were going to have a repeat performance this time around.

We had walked the trail where statistics stated there was the highest concentration of Lyrebirds in Victoria. After six hours of concentrating on the dense low scrub underneath a bewildering variety of ferns and eucalypts we had seen nothing and heard just one bird calling briefly some 100m within thick impenetrable bush.

We were on the point of giving up but decided to return to where we had heard the bird earlier to see if it had come nearer the trail. After an hour nothing was showing so we turned around and headed for home. As we did so we disturbed a Swamp Wallaby. It broke the silence as it jettisoned its way down the mountain flaying the ferns and cracking branches as it did so. Almost immediately a Lyrebird called nearby. Straight away Tania saw it and beckoned me up the trail to where she was standing.

Through a window of vegetation in the gloom of the forest floor I could see a series of curled feathers; beneath them was a Superb Lyrebird. About the size of a pheasant it was a disappointing dark brown colour. However, it was the fine lattice of plumes the bird carried aloft that shook and waved as it moved that made this bird so beguiling.

I attempted to get a photo but it sank back into the trees. Moving slowly down the hill I managed to get closer and fired off a few record shots before it eventually moved away. Despite the unwelcome attention of leeches the walk away from the trail attracted, it could easily be said we had indeed experienced a ‘superb’ moment. I hope Christmas for you and yours will also be superb. Merry Christmas.

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