A chance in a million

Puerto Madryn is a city and port on the coast of Argentina. It’s not a particularly big city nor is it a particularly big port. However, it lies in a massive natural harbour…and I mean massive. Take a look on google earth. To the north is an isthmus of land that has another large harbour to the north of that.

These inlets are renowned as breeding sites for Southern Right Whales. The whales leave the bays in early December but as we sailed into port during an early morning of this month I was scanning hard to see the distinctive V shaped blow of this species. After all there may have been a late animal; a stray that had delayed its journey south to the antarctic-circle. As we travelled the area of land between the bays throughout the day I kept a close eye on the sea … nada … nothing.

Even as we sailed out of the bay that evening heading south despite keeping an eye open for that distinctive V shaped blow I was disappointed.

The whole of the next day was spent at sea. I was up early. The very first thing I saw as I stumbled out onto the lower deck was a blow. But what was it? It was travelling with the ship so I got several bites of the cherry as the blow was repeated. A good V shape. Excellent. I went to the upper open restaurant for breakfast already satisfied I’d seen Southern Right Whale. As I tucked into my melon slices another blow, then another well off the stern. Another tail slapping in the distance. In all I reckon there were 25 to 30 Southern Right Whales in the area. What we needed was one to slip close by the ship. No sooner had the thought entered my mind a blow struck up under the starboard side. The whale’s finless back was visible and as it rose to breathe the strongly arched mouth came into view as did the head covered in callosities. Wonderful.

We had stumbled upon a pod of Southern Rights making their way south to the Antarctic Circle. What are the chances of that?



2 Responses to “A chance in a million”

  1. January 30, 2017 at 8:10 pm

    Beautiful! I’m sure that was exciting for you!

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