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The Hen Harrier persecution continues in Scotland, England and Wales. There’s been lots on social media about what’s happening and last week the RSPB issued a paper on what they see as an impartial viewpoint on the state of driven grouse moors.

It has to be remembered the days of a small bag of grouse on an afternoons ‘entertainment’ on the moors are long gone. This is an industry.

What I’d thought I’d do is unwrap the salient environmental points raised to make the situation easily and quickly understood.

  • The management of driven grouse moors has benefits for some waders.
  • Some predators are legally killed to increase productivity.
  • Statistics indicate some predators including Peregrines, Red Kites, Golden Eagles and Hen Harriers are illegally persecuted to increase productivity.
  • Grouse Moors are a major originator of our fresh water.
  • Grouse are treated against worm infections by use of chemicals and there is concern that these chemicals are entering the wider environment.
  • To aid tick infection of Grouse Deer and Mountain Hares are culled.
  • Diseases may be spreading to Black Grouse due to the intensity of Red Grouse populations
  • Driven Grouse moors may be breaking article 7 within the EU bird directive designed to protect the habitat.
  • There is little or no legislation covering the grouse moor industry.
  • The burning on deep peat areas to achieve new bud growth on heather, which grouse feed upon, is breaking government regulation.

Please read the full paper for an in depth picture. I feel it’s now important we get this discussed in parliament and legislate the industry.

I’ve signed a petition here

At 10,000 signatures… the government will respond to this petition

At 100,000 signatures, the petition will be considered for debate in Parliament

I don’t often ask anything of ‘Letter from Norfolk’ readers but I strongly urge you to sign too.

If this doesn’t work more direct action may need to be taken to stop persecution of Hen Harriers and Mountain Hares. The situation has got to a disgusting state and is out of control. This Red Grouse as taken on our Scottish Birders Long Weekend last April.

Red Grouse





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