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Delicate and small we eventually found them. The grass had been mown late; far too late. The orchids had probably been topped. However, we searched anyway and Bob managed to find a couple of spikes that were so small they’d escaped the blades.

Autumn Ladies Tresses are so called because of their resemblance to plaits of hair. This is also reflected within the Latin name of Spiranthes spiralis. I’m not sure what the passing builders thought of me lying flat out on the ground photographing them but it sparked enough interest for them to ask a few questions about what they were.


Autumn Ladies Tresses


A crake in the corn


I had a feeling the easterlies at the beginning of the week had not given everything. It’s feelings like that which drove me out into the rain to search for migrants yesterday. Four Swifts and a Whinchat on the hill were all I got for the effort until the rain drove me back to the laptop and to work.

When the sun broke through later in the day I thought I’d have a walk along the cliff top at Trimingham to relive the monotony. A Wryneck sheltered under the cliff edge was my target; what I didn’t expect to see was a Corncrake!

As I walked out of one of the cliff top woods a slim crake with dangling legs erupted from the path in front of me and went low to the left around the bushes and out of view. Damn it!

I walked forward half expecting to see it a mile away flying along the clifftop. It flew from a few metres in front of me again to the left, again around the bushes and again out of view. I knew if I was to find the bird I would need help and it came in the shape of Greg, Andy and Tony. Despite a thorough search of the field edges and stubble it was not seen again. Sorry guys.

Another Whinchat, Swift a Wheatear and a couple of Redstarts plus the palest Whitethroat you have ever seen in your life were all we could manage.

Obviously no photo so I thought I’d include this one taken on our Mull Tour earlier this year.

Now where’s that Wryneck?



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