Spot on


I was beginning to get that jaundice feeling on Monday. Too many hours on the laptop. I needed to get out and take a few pictures. I made Tuesday an official day to myself.

Titchwell looked good; it had a Spotted Crake and a Long tailed Skua around. I had another call to make on the way and arrived during the warm afternoon.

The Crake had not been seen all day and the Skua had disappeared early morning … typical.

There were folks in the hide that had been there for hours that were giving up on the ghost of the crake. I was a little disappointed for them as no sooner had they left than the Crake ran out from the reedbed and did all but a song and dance act out in the open; in fact everything a crepuscular Crake is not supposed to do. I took some rather distant shots as it came and went a few times and then moved on.

There were other things around; some nice Wood Sands and an absolute cutlery drawer full of Spoonbills but I decided to walk to Thornham Point. Mainly because I hadn’t been there for years and secondly that’s where the Skua was last seen.

I met and talked with a few others but all that was seen were a few distant Arctic Skuas and a bevy of shorebirds. It was a long way carrying a tripod and heavy lens but I so enjoyed the walk.


Spotted Crake

2014 07 29 Thornham Point looking east Norfolk!cid_80A688F8-AC6D-42EA-B900-5E5E0EA6D6DF

Any twitchers here? – I don’t think so!

2014 07 29 Thornham Point looking west Norfolk!cid_8F800B4F-FC3D-4F3C-81EA-12D17E783665



4 Responses to “Spot on”

  1. 1 Malcolm
    July 30, 2014 at 3:57 pm

    “A cutlery drawer full of spoonbills”. I love that. What a great phrase! I think that should be adopted as the official term for a group of spoonbills, as in a “charm” of goldfinches, a “murmuration” of starlings etc.

  2. 3 Yahoo Mail
    July 30, 2014 at 9:29 pm

    Do you sell any of your photographs, please We very much liked the stoat mother and youngster. Brian & Freda Attwood, South Suffolk


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