Muntjac for Breakfast … and some.



When I started this entry it was about a Muntjac joining us for breakfast on Thursday. The morning however developed rapidly from there on.


It was supposed to be a laptop day; a day to get ‘things’ done. Little did I know. After the Muntjac shared his breakfast with us I settled down and logged in. Glancing out of the window to see if the small deer was still around the largest orange butterfly imaginable flew past the window. It was a Fritillary. But which one? I rushed outside … it was nowhere. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a bird flit between the sycamores at the top of the garden. Er … just a minute. Not a bird … a bat. It flew my way almost hitting me in the face. I tried to photograph it. Despite it being large it was too quick. Strangely it had pale patches. It flew behind the Sycamores and never returned.


Sharon arrived and I was just telling her what I had seen when an Emperor dropped in and started egg laying. As I was photographing the little lady a Demoiselle flew past us. Oh my god it was a Beautiful not a Banded. Well out of range. We tried to find it but it had already moved off. The Emperor was joined by an ovipositing Broad bodied Chaser and an odd female Large Red Damselfly moved in. She too was laying eggs. I thought they were only supposed to lay when coupled with a male; and aren’t they supposed to have black legs … not blue. Strange. I guess there was just a movement of insects over the hill.


We did have another visitor too … but I’ll save that for another day.




Emperor Dragonfly

Broad Bodied Chaser

Large Red Damselfly

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