The Giant Owl, the Wasp and a message from a Goose

Remember that shriek that came from the kitchen a few weeks ago? Re the Wasp https://letterfromnorfolk.wordpress.com/2014/01/20/any-ideas/ well I had another one of those moments the other weekend. “Just look at the size of this Owl Pellet in the garden … it’s HUGE!

Well, the owl pellet upon closer inspection turned out to be Goose poo! Not your average goose dropping you understand but something the goose lost and knew about it … it was indeed huge! (I have spared you the photographs) I guess the goose must have landed in the garden or at least been flying very low for it to leave such an intact message on the lawn. So the lady of the house doesn’t always get it right! Risky statement that! … but perhaps I can temper the response a little.

Going back to the Ichneumon Wasp for a moment; it turns out it’s Ctenochares bicolorus otherwise known as the Black-tipped Orange Ichneumon a parasitic wasp preying on Owlet Moth species and was kindly identified by Gavin Broad. The thing is it’s actually native to Africa; although it has spread as far as New Zealand and closer to home is now in Spain. If you recall that’s where the Lettuce came from in which it was transported.

It has turned up before in the UK … but only once; in a malaise trap (insect trap) set within Battersea Park, London. So this makes the wasp found by the lady of the house a second record for the UK … and, presumably a first for Norfolk.

As she put it herself “First I find a rare fungus next a rare wasp, what next?” … but she still can’t tell the difference between goose poo and giant Owl pellets.

2014 01 17 Black tipped Orange Ichneumon Wasp Ctenochares bicolorus Northrepps Norfolk_Z5A5917


4 Responses to “The Giant Owl, the Wasp and a message from a Goose”

  1. 3 Louise
    April 15, 2014 at 2:11 pm

    Another one in North Bucks!

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