Rising Waters

Some years ago I spent some time along the bay of Naples in Italy. Visiting Pompeii and Herculaneum was a real experience. Somewhere I wanted to visit since I was a child. Travelling on the train around the bay gave a good perspective of how the towns and villages were skirting the base of the volcano. The houses creeping up the slopes to feed an ever increasing hunger for new housing. The power of Vesuvius did not deter the builders nor the purchasers and tenants from living there despite the obvious danger; real danger borne out by historical events. It’s not a question of if Vesuvius will erupt again … but when.

These memories come to mind because of the recent flooding. I do feel sorry for the farmers and householders who find their homes and livelihood below water. I really do. However, is it just me, but if you live on a flood plain … should you not expect to be flooded?

When we bought Falcon Cottage on Hungry Hill we underwent agonising decision making. We wanted to buy in Salthouse. A house overlooking the Saltmarsh … what more could I want? Utopia. I’m pleased now we didn’t; we would have been underwater. The flood report was the major deterrent.

We opted for this cottage on Hungry Hill despite the exposed nature of the house and garden. Look north and the next highest land is in Svalbard. When the wind blows from the east it gathers its strength in the Urals. We’re on a hill. It’s windy. I expect with climate change we will experience our fist 100mph winds here within the next 10 years. Decisions regarding the house and changes we make are based upon this expectation. We have touched on this previously https://letterfromnorfolk.wordpress.com/2012/09/06/do-we-care-about-anything-but-ourselves/

It’s no good looking to the government to dam against the rising waters. It’s like dispensing aspirins for brain tumours. Global Warming is here … now! Too much evidence to deny it. If you think I’m wrong come and see me, queue up behind the flat-earthers and I’ll explain why you’re wrong. If you want to blame the government blame them for not having the balls to put life changing decisions in place to reverse carbon emissions. To be fair if they did have strict enough policies within their manifesto they wouldn’t get elected. We’re a very selfish species.

You see every time you turn on a light, every time you use a piece of plastic, every time you use your laptop or PC, every time you climb in your car … you are responsible for what is happening. Think about life without those things for a moment. Until we all realise that everything is linked and every action has a consequence … the waters will keep rising.

2013 12 06 Cley next the Sea Norfolk_Z5A4898


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