Any ideas?

Ichneumon Wasps sometimes called Ichneumon Flies are arguably the largest group of creatures in the world. Some authorities place the number of species around the 100,000 mark worldwide. These distinctive insects with their slender wasp like shape parasitise other insects.

It’s not often I hear a scream from the kitchen. I was beckoned. The cause of the commotion was an Ichneumon Wasp. It’s January. Almost every self-respecting insect should have had its feet in the air months earlier. So why did Falcon Cottage have an Ichneumon wasp in the kitchen?

In fact it was courtesy of Morrisons … it had been packed in a lettuce… originating from the warmer climes of Spain.

Now there’s a whole argument here about introducing species and what damage they can do but putting that aside I tried to identify this particular species. Whatever it was it was tenacious that’s for sure, having spent the best part of a week in the fridge and presumably having been inside the packaging since leaving Spain.

This is a family that is notoriously difficult to identify and true to form despite having distinctive dark tipped wings (something I’ve never seen before on an Ichneumon Wasp) I found it impossible to give it a name. Any ideas welcome.

2014 01 17 Ichneumon Wasp Northrepps Norfolk_Z5A5918

4 Responses to “Any ideas?”

  1. 1 Richard Palmer
    Jan 20, 2014 at 8:30 pm

    This nearest I could get to, but doesn’t look quite right.


    Kind regards Richard

    Richard Palmer Farm Vision Arable Services Ltd 07831 111875 Sent from my iPad Reply to richard@farmvision.com


  2. 3 paul
    Aug 1, 2014 at 10:34 pm

    found one in my kitchen too. Massive thing!

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