Another that got away …

I tried hard throughout October to find an Olive Backed Pipit along the cliffs here in North east Norfolk. There are several likely wooded areas; the preferred habitat of what was formerly known as Indian Tree Pipit.

The nearest I came was when I heard an odd call among some Meadow Pipits. I located the small flock just inside the crop line with the odd one feeding on the footpath and on vegetation adjacent to one of the woods. There were maybe twenty birds and I diligently examined each for the distinctive green coloured mantle, the dark eye stripe splitting the supercilium to form a teardrop and the tree pipit like streaking on the breast and flanks. Each was a bog standard Meadow Pipit.

So where did the odd call come from? I found out when a dog walker came along the cliff towards me and put up a small cloud of around thirty pipits which promptly flew east; the odd calling bird among them. About a third of the flock had been hidden in the crop. Another that got away? … maybe!

Meadow Pipit


2 Responses to “Another that got away …”

  1. November 5, 2013 at 7:22 pm

    I’m happy to see this photo as I photographed an American Pipit a couple of weeks ago and it took me forever to identify it..

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