More on that possible Italian Sparrow

Is this a first for Britain or just a throwback? See previous post https://letterfromnorfolk.wordpress.com/2013/08/17/a-chance-glance/

Anyone is welcome to come along and see the Sparrow on Hungry Hill. If nothing else it is interesting and if you have seen it you can always tender a first-hand opinion. A steady trickle of people have already been as word of the bird gets around.

If you do visit I would ask you to park sensibly in the village of Northrepps close to the Foundry Arms (not in their car park) and walk the 800m east up Hungry Hill. At the row of cottages on the north side of the road stand just inside the drive out of the way of passing traffic and watch for the Sparrows visiting for food being placed out and perched on the roofs of the houses. Please do not wander into any gardens … they are private.

Hungry Hill is a narrow lane with passing places. If anyone parks in the passing places the Police will be called and cars removed. Harvesting is currently taking place and the road is being used by heavy plant machinery. PLEASE DO NOT GET IN THE FARMERS WAY.

The bird’s plumage is changing slightly each day as its moult progresses. Some more photos of the bird below.

2013 08 18 Sparrow sp Northrepps Norfolk_Z5A5946

2013 08 18 Sparrow sp Northrepps Norfolk_Z5A5874

2013 08 17 Sparrow sp Northrepps Norfolk_Z5A5806

2013 08 17 Sparrow sp Northrepps Norfolk_Z5A5667

2013 08 17 Sparrow sp Northrepps Norfolk_Z5A5497

2 Responses to “More on that possible Italian Sparrow”

  1. 1 Wendy Jones
    Aug 22, 2013 at 5:10 pm

    How fantastic is that!!! That such an interesting bird should come to visit you on your doorstep! Pity it’s a bit too far for me to come and say “Hello”.


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