Are they or aren’t they?

I was doing a job in South Norfolk on Friday and was travelling down the Acle Straight into Great Yarmouth. I’d been on this road earlier in the week and we’d chanced a look for the two reported White Storks and failed. On this occasion my luck was in; the birds were quite close to the road.

As I pulled up the closest of the two became aware of me. I cut the engine and remained still. It eventually started to feed again so I wound down the window and slowly lifted the camera from the passenger seat. I fired off a few frames before the bird took flight. This was encouraging. I had heard these birds were perhaps escapees and to have one so wary certainly didn’t support that. The remaining bird continued to feed for a time and I again fired off a number of shots. On the back of the camera I couldn’t see any rings on either Stork … they were wild birds. Had to be. That was until I got home and looked at the shots on the PC.

The first bird is ring free. The second had a rather unnoticeable faded yellow band above the joint on the left leg. That doesn’t mean it’s of captive origin; but it indicates it is! Either way … smart birds.

2013 05 03 White Stork No 1 Acle Straight Norfolk_Z5A7678

2013 05 03 White Stork No 2 Acle Straight Norfolk_Z5A7697


2 Responses to “Are they or aren’t they?”

  1. 1 Tony Gray
    May 26, 2013 at 3:27 pm

    So are these wild or escapees, I saw these birds on Thursday by boat on the River Bure near Stacey Pump & have pictures on my Flickr page Tony CC Gray

    • May 26, 2013 at 9:25 pm

      That’s a good question Tony. You’ll see from the entry on the blog I’ve veered away from stating one way or the other.
      As you can see from my photo and at least one on your Flickr page one of the birds has a small ring of the type fitted to captive birds. It’s my opinion that the birds are therefore probably of captive origin but the fact is … you can never be absolutely sure.
      Either way it’s good to hear they are still around.

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