2nd Bite at the Cherry

It’s not often that lightning strikes twice in the same place but earlier this week it did!

We stood at Falcon Cottage watching the western horizon patiently waiting; a cold easterly still blowing at our backs despite the blue sky and the late onset of spring. The clear visibility had aroused a movement of raptors. A phone call had alerted me a White tailed Eagle was coming our way. The last time this happened a couple of years ago I unwittingly drove underneath it; of course it would never happen again, we would never get another, the opportunity had been lost, that is … until now.

It was Andrew who first saw a suggestion of a large bird. It was on the edge of perception, appearing and then disappearing as it banked and turned. Coming a little closer I saw it bank and the true size of the bird became apparent. They don’t call it the flying barn door for nothing. This was remarkable. In a copycat flight path of the last Eagle to take to the air over Northrepps it flew over Temple Wood and made it’s way passed us towards the coast at Bacton. It was also quite remarkable that even when we were discussing the possible identification of a distant spec the local raptor population were getting into the air. Buzzards, Accipiters and Kestrels all made their presence known, no doubt to ensure the visitor passed through as quickly as possible. They had seen the Eagle long before we did.

White tailed Eagle


Not the Eagle in question but one of similar age I photographed in Scotland a few years ago.


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