Breeding Brents??

It was getting late in the day when there was a knock at the door. It was Andy, he’d been walking the dog and found a Brent Goose in the corner of the next field and thought I may need it for my garden list. Indeed Brent Geese on the deck in this part of Norfolk are few and far between although they frequently fly by at sea. It was late the following morning before I had the time to venture out into a very cold day to go and take a look at it. At first I couldn’t find it where it had been the preceding day but eventually I saw it tucked away under a tangle of branches on a small pool. I would have needed a roof ladder and a good telescope to get it on the garden list where it was now! It was an adult bird and looked quite well but was obviously reluctant to fly. No doubt the very strong wind had exhausted it.

As I stood watching, it became aware of my presence and laid flat on the water. When I have seen Canada and Greylags doing this they have had a nest close by. My word that would be a turn up wouldn’t it? … breeding Brent Geese in Norfolk. Who could blame it though; with a minus five windchill and snow on the ground it must have seemed as though it was back on the tundra in Northern Russia!

Brent Goose

4 Responses to “Breeding Brents??”

  1. Mar 27, 2013 at 9:18 am

    If it does then ssshhhhh! 😉 ’til after the event anyway.
    Good luck

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