Snow good.

A play on words has always tickled my fancy. I am one of those chaps who likes hidden innuendo. It’s a typically British thing and I guess I am the archetypal Brit. I remember when I lived in neighbouring Suffolk and a friend called his festival company ‘Suffolk and Good’. I laughed for a week. I have seen the phrase ‘Norfolk and Good’ as a label since but I guess once you’ve heard it, it loses impact.

Visual humour is the other thing that always gets my tickle organs pumping and a photo sent to me by one of my customers last week made me chuckle. A snowman. It wasn’t until I took a closer look I saw why I’d been sent the mail. The cool character was wearing a piece of relevant promotional attire. Thanks Lawrie.

I often get sent pictures by customers. “Can you identify this” or “Look at this, isn’t it fantastic?” I love them all. It shows interest. Sharing the capturing of a moment is always pleasing and some are fizz-gogglingly good. In fact I have been thinking about setting something up to get some of them on one of the websites.

‘Wildlife Tours and Education’ is now entering its fifth year and I can honestly say I have enjoyed every minute; perhaps a contrast to much of the preceding 32 years. There were some good times but thirty two years…. Wow! That’s some time to dedicate to one employer … but I guess like the company those year have now all melted away. Nothing is forever.

Keep those photos coming!


Photo by Lawrie Webb


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