The Horns of a Dilemma – do I watch, or do I photograph

At heart I am a birdwatcher. Birds are my passion; my first love. If I’m honest all other Wildlife tends to take a second place. The insects, amphibians, reptiles, the mammals (on land and off it), are all playing a second fiddle to the avian world … but they are still a part of me and still hold my interest. Then there’s photography. I have been taking photographs from the age of 5 when I used a Kodak Box Brownie. I still have the first photograph I took.

So there are a few ingrained aspects to what I’m about!

The problem I have is every time I walk out the door ‘what do I take with me?’ If I took all my cameras and lenses, a scope, tripod and binoculars I wouldn’t be able to walk a hundred yards. Short of having a personal Sherpa I have to make a decision. What am I likely to need? The answer depends on what am I likely to see or photograph and that depends on where I’m going and what time of year it is. If I make a good call I’ll be able to photograph something I see, otherwise I miss an opportunity.

Bins are essential I never leave the house without them. Until recently I have usually been taking either a scope on a tripod or camera, infrequently both. Taking both camera and scope is just too impeding, just too much to carry.

That situation has now changed. I have now acquired a Scopac Plus. A Scopac is a harness that enables a telescope with tripod to be slung over your back leaving both hands free to use a camera. There are several various bits of kit on the market that unsuccessfully try to emulate the Scopac; but this puts them in the shade. It really is well thought out and took me less than a minute to install. The new Scopac Lite weighs less than 300 grams and has an additional pocket to carry all manner of other items. Check out their website for full details. www.scopac.co.uk

2012 12 23 Scopac Northrepps Norfolk_Z5A5218


2 Responses to “The Horns of a Dilemma – do I watch, or do I photograph”

  1. January 3, 2013 at 9:12 pm

    Wow, now you can be sympatico with both your passions.

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