Not so Common

In the past if you saw a seal in North East Norfolk you could pretty much guarantee it would be a Grey Seal. Common Seals are better known for occurring on the North Norfolk Coast.

With increasing regularity on our tours I’m seeing Common Seals further east. I wonder why?

I photographed this Common Seal in East Norfolk on the edge of a group of Greys this week. there were a further five on the beach

For the uninitiated Grey’s are usually larger than Common’s with a more roman nose rather than the dog like snout of Common Seal. A Common Seal also has Teddy Bear like nostrils pointing together whereas the Grey has a larger nose with the nostrils parallel to one another. A feature that is useful when all you can see is the nose pointing out of the water.


2 Responses to “Not so Common”

  1. September 30, 2012 at 10:07 am

    Possibly displaced seals from Scroby Sands? As well as the wind farm, presumably there has been extra boat traffic as a result of the new harbour being built at Yarmouth. Other linked ideas would be that the Common Seals are having to forage further afield because of increased competition from the Greys, or that in recent times there has been a slight increase in Common Seals and they have spread out. This paper is worth a look: http://iwcoffice.org/cache/downloads/ayxsifl24yogwwcoosw0sk0ss/harbour%20seals%20at%20Scroby%20Sands.pdf

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