I’m Badgering Nobody

One good thing about the current government is they will listen to majorities.  If 100,000 signatures are collected in response to particular subjects they do get debated in the House of Commons.

One bad thing about the current government is they do not listen to common sense. Natural England has issued the first Badger Cull licence this week. What an ill conceived idea based on bad science that will mean the death of hundreds if not thousands of healthy mammals with no bettering of the bovine TB situation. As I’ve said many times before I don’t coax others to the signing of petitions – I’ll leave it to individual choice. I just can’t help thinking I would be responsible for letting this cull proceed if I didn’t raise my hand in objection. There are currently half of the number of signatures required on the petition.


I take customers on Badger Watches quite often through the summer months although I don’t advertise the fact. I find them charming creatures that fill an important niche. If you’re interested in coming along on one give me a shout … while there’s still some to watch!

2 Responses to “I’m Badgering Nobody”

  1. 1 Julia Hodson
    Oct 31, 2012 at 8:37 pm

    I am interested in watching badgers. How can I get to see badgers?
    E mail hodsongt@yahoo.co.uk

    Many thanks

    • Oct 31, 2012 at 9:40 pm

      It depends upon where you live Julia. If you live in Norfolk I do local Badger Watches – the cost is usually around £20 per person. The sett I usually use is on public land so guests can revisit themselves once they know the ropes and understand the best way to observe.
      If you live outside Norfolk and can’t visit there are other organised badger watches throughout the UK – do a search on Google to find one near you.
      Many people feed badgers to observe them. They place peanuts around the sett to hold the badgers within sight; otherwise they will wander off to forage and limit observation time. I cannot get to any Sett each night and to feed sporadically is not ethical. If food is not put down each night Badgers spend time searching for food that is not there – and therefore waste foraging time. Not fair to the badgers!
      The best time to observe without feeding is in May and June when the young cubs will come up and play around the sett while adults go off to forage.
      I hope that helps Julia.

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