A hard to ignore honey

I have an admission. When I run a moth trap I ignore some of the moths. How rude of me. The little mites have spent all night in my trap waiting to see me and I just let them go without a second glance. I’m talking about micro moths. Yes, the tiny tiny ones that look like bits of dead grass cuttings that litter the moth trap each morning. The larger Macro moths, yes; I record those as diligently as able but if I ‘processed’ everything in the trap it would take me forever. I’d do nothing else! So I ignore the micro moths. That is until I see one I just can’t ignore. So it was last week when a micro screamed out at me from the bottom of the trap ‘LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!’ Ypsolopha dentella is a charming little chap about  with an upturned posture that sets him aside from the rest. So I popped him on some Honeysuckle to photograph him. Why Honeysuckle? well his common name is The Honeysuckle Moth so it seemed appropriate.

Now according to the excellent website ‘Norfolk Moths’ this is the first record of the Honeysuckle Moth this year in Norfolk which is a little hard to believe, but as Harry Worth would have said … there it is! (Yeah, it was a long running joke in the ‘60’s so you have to be a certain age and be born in GB to follow that one)


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