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March Mystery Bird

Raptors are difficult to identify at the best of times especially when perched. It is good therefore that every single entry for last month’s mystery bird named a raptor. It is just a question of which one! All answers fell into three camps; Osprey, Hen Harrier and Rough legged Buzzard.

The picture shows white in the tail/rump area. Given the angle it is difficult to tell if this is actually on the rump as it would be in a Harrier or on the tail as shown by a Rough legged Buzzard. All the possible Harriers with white in the rump; Montague’s, Pallid and Hen are all slim birds with varying slight builds. In fact Harriers can sometimes be attributed to species simply on their structure. Our bird is bulky and broad in the beam and shows a lot of white not a small patch as it would show in the case of a Harrier. It is in fact a Rough legged Buzzard. Photographed in North east Norfolk this winter this individual came into roost in the same general area each night attracted to the area by the cache of Rabbits in a nearby warren. Another photo of the same bird is below.

Six people got the right answer. One of the six entries was submitted by Phil and Jan Thorpe who maintain their record of correct answers and now have three in succession. Well done.

March’s Mystery bird is also below and depicts a Gull. Please submit the id by email to The rules of the competition can be found in a previous posting here. Give it a go … it doesn’t cost anything and you could easily win as successively correct answers mount up!

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